Cold Creek Ranch
Crossville, TN
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Here is the rest of the sheep's adopted family!
We like to call the ranch home as well.
When the sheep allow us space!!
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Tina Lewis Hyde
Clint Hyde


Cold Creek Ranch is member of the United Horned Hair Sheep
Association (UHHSA)
Painted Desert Sheep Society (PDSS).
About Cold Creek Ranch
Cold Creek Ranch is located in Crossville, TN. The ranch is considered
home by horses, cats, dogs, Painted Desert Sheep, family, creatures in
pond, and wildlife. We enjoy sharing most the time except with few…not
calling names…COYOTES.

Painted Deserts are known for disease resistance, good natured,
sturdy, and are a multiple market breed, plus they are beautiful grazing
out in your pasture! The characteristics that sets them apart from other
breeds and won our hearts were colorful markings, trophy size horns,
adaptability to heat and cold weather, and no shearing. Painted Desert
Sheep are not a "wool less" breed but actually double-coated
breed that will shed its winter coat in the spring.